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Welcome to Morning Prayer

Let’s greet this new morning as we listen (and perhaps sing along) to
As morning gilds the skies

Morning Prayer

Let us pray
Set free, O Lord, the souls of your servants
From all restlessness and anxiety.
Give us your peace and your power,
And so keep us that
In all perplexity and distress,
We may abide in you,
Upheld by your strength
And stayed on the rock of your faithfulness.
Creator God,
You have made the heavens and the earth
And all that is good and lovely in them.
You have shown us through Jesus our Lord
that the secret of joy is a heart set free from selfish desires.
Help us to find delight in simple things,
And always to rejoice
In the richness of your bounty.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

The Lord’s Prayer.


Start the day then in peace, and God go with you.
Before you go listen as our Director of Music, Sarah Brown, performs a piece called “River flows
in you”.

River Flows in You