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Take our hands Lord, not to clutch them from the world but to lead us through it, as a mother fondly leads her son and a father his daughter.

God in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Take from us the worn clothes of adulthood and dress us up like children, so that we can dream and imagine and play again without fear of contradiction.

God in your mercy hear our prayer.

Graciously treasure us Lord, as a lover embraces the beloved. Reveal to us in fond intimacy all that you wish us to receive from you, and all you wish to receive from us.

God in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Give us a deep cherishing where we have had our fill of shallow pleasures; give us affection for ourselves where we have neglected the beauty which you planted in us; give us love for you, especially if respect is all we ususaly offer.

God in your mercy, hear our prayer

(From The Wee Worship Book, Wild Goose Publications 2015)